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With Barrie & Simcoe County in restricted Covid-19 zones, Mottalash House has implemented protocols in place to protect clients and staff. In order to book an appointment with us, clients & staff will have to abide by a list of measures to keep yourself and our staff safe.

In order to book your appointment with us, the following are implemented:

• Face Covering is Required by Clients & Staff
• Sanitizer Station Provided
• Longer 20 minute gaps between appointments for more time to sanitize each station
• Must show up at the exact time of appointment (call us if you will be late) wait in your car if early
• By Appointment only (No Walk-Ins Available)
• No Visitors unless you have an appointment
• Temperature Check on Arrival for appointment
• Covid-19 Form for Clients
• If you feel under the weather, please reschedule for the safety of others

We will be contacting clients for a screening prior to their booked appointments.

Thank you for your cooperation!